The Advert Platform (TAP) – Review

Is TAP a scam?


Name of Product: The Advert Platform (started December 2013)
Price: Free to start
Owner: Mike Deese
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Who it’s for: Newbie through to Experienced Internet Marketer


MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) – Introduction

MyAdvertisingPays was the idea of US Air Force veteran Mike Deese. He  spent years trying to find a no-scam product on the Internet that could generate him an income. After some time, Mike left the problematic income models behind and started to develop one of his own. MyAdvertisingPays was a “true Internet Income System” that was the “definitive online advertising system created by Mike Deese and his team of experienced marketers, mathematicians and engineers”. There were well over a quarter of a million MyAdvertisingPays members on their site.


The Advert Platform

This is the latest incarnation of what was previously called MyAdvertisingPays.

It has a much better website and it is both more responsive and well polished in this souped-up latest version.



The Advert Platform - TAP - website

Who is The Advert Platform Aimed At!

Just about anyone can join The Advert Platform. The main exclusion are US citizens. There were a lot of US citizens on board, but they were given their money back when the decision was made to exclude them for business banking reasons in MAP. Although it is a worldwide business, the main bulk of members reside in Germany and the UK. The platform uses the Euro for its transactions.


How Does the System Work?

The system involves buying credit packs for 25 Euro, that will provide earnings of 27.50 Euro in just over three months (at the time of writing). The earnings are from company profit share. Of course, these are not guaranteed and are generated from members purchasing of credit packs and other advertising on The Advert Platform website. Credit packs give you credits that you can use to advertise your other offerings on the traffic exchange. You have to click 10 of these ads every day in order to get the earnings from profit share. No clicking, no money.


  1. Register for a free account
  2. Purchase a minimum of one credit pack at $25 each
  3. Click ten ads a day in the traffic exchange (takes less than 10 minutes)
  4. Get paid every 20 minutes

If you can recruit affiliates, you will be able to boost your earnings because of the 10% you get from the purchases made by them. Just a few referrals boost your income no end, so you don’t need to be an internet guru to achieve success. This is not a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) scheme because any member can only have a single level of referrals beneath them.


Training Overview

Training is not generally an issue, because the system is fairly easy to pick up. When you join, you will have a sponsor. It is his or her job to answer any questions that you may have and to point you in the right direction for more information. The Advert Platform does have an abundance of information on YouTube and Facebook and your sponsor will mentor you, able to point you in the right direction to help ensure your success.



Support is available and can be accessed from the dashboard. Response is very quick and is nearly always same day unless it is a busy time, holiday etc.


Final Opinion

The Advert Platform (previously MAP) has been going strong for well over three years now and member numbers continue to increase. Members earnings payouts are also going smoothly. The site uses the Euro and is easy to use and understand how it all works.


Check out The Advert Platform for yourself here


However, for a review of my number one legit, non-scam way of making money on the Internet, please click here!


  1. I would like to share my experience with MAPs. I started April 2014 and bought for 1000 Dollar 20 packs each 50 Dollar. In addition i payed one time fee for i think it was 70 Dollar for 6 month membership. Since then i have no referlal and i did not invenst anything more. I just did my 10 clicks a day. The positv thing is that the company really paid me moeny out. Till now its about 1300 Euro. Due to the trouble they have i still have 1200 Euro pending to being paid. The negativ is, that they changed twice their rules to the negative. The earing possibilies become smaler even so, the company sells it as better… As well i did not like that the fees are hight till i had my moeny on my bank account, and it took quite long. I am much more satisfied with AdpackPro. There are many things which are better. Please write me and i will inform you in detail Email Here my link

    1. Hi Klaus,
      I joined at about the same time as you and did the same with the credit packs and built up to the then maximum of 1200. I am also a member of AdpackPro, but it runs along similar lines to MAP, so maybe we can use that knowledge to our advantage?
      – Ian

  2. Well if anything I guess it is legit money at the end of the day….but how long exactly would it take you to reach cashout and get some payment?
    Clicking on adverts sounds pretty easy but it sure doesn’t pay well by the looks of things!
    Would you say this site is geared more towards pocket money payments?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment. They are revamping everything at the moment and credit packs will be made available at 25 Euros each. The earnings in the past have been trickled every day with a credit pack paying out its full amount over time, the time depending on how much advertising gets sold on the platform. I repurchased more credit packs with the earnings I made until I had the maximum number, then the earnings were several thousand dollars per month.

  3. Hi there, great review!

    There are all kinds of online money making scams these days, and it makes it very risky, especially for aspiring online money makers. So, thanks for this detailed review.

    Just clicking ads and earning money from them sounds easy enough, but how profitable can this system get? Would you think that it is only suitable if you are looking to earn some “side” revenue? Or could it be something that can be a full time online job?

    Cheers =)

    1. Hi Farhan,

      Thanks for your great comments! I am myself a member with no referrals and have used it for a bit of extra income. I have met a few people who have earned a lot from it, but to do that you have to be a ‘people person’ and do lots of face-to-face referrals, plus know all there is to know about marketing, AND work all hours when awake to get the online referrals!



  4. So am I right in thinking that you need to click on 10 ads per day, taking less than 10 minutes for three months in order to earn $10? Really? I don’t know if I like this system or not. On one hand, I guess you are making money all be it a very small amount. On the other hand it seems like a lot of clicking ads for a very small amount of money. So I guess you can buy more add packs? But then that will just increase your risk wont it?

    1. Hi Andrew. Thanks for your comment. I agree that one credit pack making an extra $10 over three months or so is quite a lot of work and sounds like a pain. However, the same amount of ad clicking (10 per day) is required if you have many credit packs. The maximum allowed is 1200 credit packs, which can be built up to with time. MAPs is a business, and of course, all business carries risk. 1200 credit packs can be reached by repurchasing more credit packs with earnings.

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