PayPal Scam

I just received an email from PayPal. It was nothing out of the ordinary and looks exactly like a PayPal newsletter looks and should look.

Except that

It wasn’t sent to my PayPal email; when I checked the ‘To’ email address, it was not mine.

When I hovered over the “Log in to PayPal” button the address line (visible at the bottom of the browser window) the address wasn’t PayPal’s!

PayPal or not Paypal?

I was lucky. The email did not land at the right email address for a PayPal newsletter.

The ‘From’ address was paypal @paypal -exchanger. com (without any spaces). That’s not a PayPal address. Also the ‘To’ address was sarni_gila @ yahoo . com (also without any spaces). That is not my email address.

I forwarded the spoof emails to PayPal Security Report Problem

If you receive a similar email then please report it by forwarding it to immediately. Perhaps we can save someone else by spreading the word via this warning.

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