“Lloyds” Bank Scam in the UK

Not Lloyd's Bank!

Bank scams occur every day and this one from last week shows typical traits.

Note that no personal ‘to’ email address is used and that the ‘from’ email address isn’t even a bank address!

The only way of responding therefore is by clicking the links, so if you get anything like this – PLEASE DON’T CLICK the LINKS!

Another dead giveaway is that I don’t have a Lloyd’s account! However, this will have gone out to thousands of recipients and a small percentage of these will be Lloyd’s customers, and they are the targets of this scam.





….and here’s one from “Barclays” Bank just for good measure

From: Barclays plc [mailto:inf@uf.com]
Sent: 18 April 2016 19:14
To: me <inf@uf.com>
Subject: You have 4 new documents available


You have 4 new documents available in Barclays Cloud It. View Now

Barclays PLC

Don’t click on the link if you get one of these types of emails!!




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