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Important questions, with answers from the AdpackPro and OneVision Holding AG management

1) Is this a legitimate and solid company with good management?

YES! This is a serious company, registered as a holding company. You can look them up in the Swiss holding company register moneyhouse.com In the same register you can find world famous companies like Rolex watches. This is not a website that pretends to be a company, but a genuine company that has added a revenue sharing model, and that’s a huge difference.


2) Do they have sustainable income sources?

YES! Sustainable long term because OneVision Holding AG already have external income sources. Their top performing products JopBooster and Internet Academy Europe are already generating solid income and are sold outside the AdpackPro platform. Some new products are coming and will work in the same way, securing our long term business. This is before we even start talking about advertising sales in the AdpackPro platform itself. How unique is that? So, yes, this is a safe program you can enjoy for many years. And this year can be your kickstart of a long pleasant AdpackPro career.


3) Is it a real product?

YES! Real products in plural form. We have many products and will have more soon. The products are attractive to any online marketer and any company that wants to advertise or/and rank high in Google. This is just a perfect blend, with a great income opportunity for those who see the big picture. Ordinary companies can buy adpacks and next time they can advertise free, because you get cashback €30 from their initial €25. Marketers can build up and enjoy a lucrative business with the revenue sharing and generous 2 level referral commissions.


4) Does it offer an attractive income opportunity for all members?

YES! You have a fantastic opportunity you can enjoy for generations to come. Finally a company that will set new standards. No single admin regime, no worrying paying processors, no unrealistic profits which ruin the long term sustainability, no unfair commission plans. This is your turn to fulfil your dreams and become financial free- or if you just want to have some extra money – you can help everyone who wants that and you are rewarded to do so. It’s incredible that we are now in the very beginning. In one year you can look back at the spring/summer of 2016 and smile, wow, what a pioneer period. Now it’s really massive! Thousands of members will definitely join in the coming months. If you do some extra efforts now, you will be the team leader of those, for sure. And finally, you can build this worldwide! No matter where, you just need an Internet connection, and you have an exciting business for life. Now, go and grab your place in AdpackPro!


ENJOY! …have a nice day, the AdpackPro way!


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