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Is AdPackPro a Scam?


Name of Product: AdpackProAdPackProLogo

Name of Company: OneVision Holding AG

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Peter Woetz – President of the board of directors
Peter Mueller – CEO
Wolfgang Wenzel – Board member AdpackPro Scam team
Jeroen Smid – Board member
Christine Mohn – Head of Sales and Member of the executive board 
Felix Schmidt – Head of Sales and Member of the executive board
Timo Bell – Head of Marketing Strategy and Member of the executive board


Address: Hohestrasse 134, 4104 Oberwil, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 61 403 15 15
Overall Rank: Unproven
Who it’s for: Newbie – Experienced Internet Marketer

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This is a product of OneVision Holding AG, an SEO company who have several other products around. These include jopBooster, Internet Academy Europe, OneVision Card and Adpack Booster. They are based in Switzerland and they have launched AdpackPro in English. The company is planning to release the site in the English language week ending 19th March 2016.



OneVision Holding AG is an established company, so should therefore be much better placed to offer a robust product with plenty of backing and support from their infrastructure. With income sources from different products, as mentioned above plus others, the company should have a good financial footing to start with and be able to steer AdpackPro to similar success. As it is seemingly another revenue sharing system, it should be kept a close eye on. It will be interesting to see how this progresses with time.


AdPackPro is  different to most other revenue sharing programs. They seem to have added a cashback/revenue sharing module to their new advertising product. OneVision Holding AG is a legitimate holding company registered on the Swiss stock market.  AdPackPro is is likely to be sustainable for long term business, together with their other flagship products.


Payments are only via Amex, Diners Club, Mastercard or Visa. No payment processors like Solid Trust Pay, Payza and the like are used; this has to be a bonus because this is often where problems in non-payment can arise. The use of professional payment services show that this is a serious online business.


Who is Adpack Pro Aimed At?

It is aimed at anyone wanting to make money via passive income and/or anyone interested in digitally marketing their own product on the Internet.



First of all, you must register on the site, click here to do that.

Adpacks are 25 Euro each and for this you recieve:

10000 guaranteed ad exposures

100 Guaranteed clicks on your Ad

Most importantly, you receive 30 Euro back, from the revenue share

You only need to click ten ads a day to get the revenue share


Final Opinion

The company looks to be a secure, professional and established one with its roots in SEO. It has been runnig for a good few months now. When they added English, it opened the doors to a floodgate of new members, so expect member numbers to continue to boom. As with any business, you should be cautious and not put in any money that you cannot afford to lose.



Seems LEGIT!

Please click on the following if you want to give it a tryout:


AdPackPro Scam Logo


Please also see this info on the potential of AdpackPro


If you have any comments or helpful experience of this site, then please let me know in the comments below or at my WA home page here.


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  1. Hi Ian, it is an interesting website. The system sounds similar to many sites that pay you to click ads.

    However on these sites, you see ads on similar websites.

    Do you know if the ads convert well if you are not promoting a making money niche?

    For example, I want to promote my fitness blog.

  2. Really looking forward for the English version of this ad program. I have a question though:
    Do you know if its possible to have google adsense and adpackpro at the same time on my site, or will i get banned from google adsense/adpackpro?

    BTW Great review, keep it up! 😀

    1. Hi Antonio, thanks very much for your reply and I’m glad that you liked what you read. Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to your question, but you would not get banned from AdpackPro, and Google Adsense needs the revenue from your ads!

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