If you are in Canada…

…then the most common scams seem to be from the ‘Canadian Revenue Agency’ (CRA), ‘iTunes’ and ‘Outlook Support’.

They appear to be from legitimate businesses and look very similar to emails you may receive from the actual organizations.

DO NOT CLICK on links provided in these emails!

If you click on the Sender info or name beside “From”, it takes you to the screen which provides you with the email address that the message came from.

This is one way to confirm that the email is linked to the organization it is claiming to come from. Most of the time it is obvious that it is not.

Be sure to always confirm with the actual company/agency first before you provide personal information or send money.

Please note: the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) will NOT send your Income Tax Return via email..

Direct deposit OR cheque received by mail are the only two legitimate ways they will repay you any money.

They will also NEVER take credit cards or email transfers for funds owed. Again, bank transfer arrangements or a cheque by mail are the only methods the CRA use to collect money.



In 2015, senior Canadians lost nearly $25 million due to fraud


The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center released stats for the top 10 fraudulent schemes based on loss of money.

Romance Complaints: 313 Victims: 213 Dollar loss: $7,176,843.41

Prize Complaints: 2,168 Victims: 427 Dollar loss: $5,892,353.93

Investments Complaints: 79 Victims: 66 Dollar loss: $3,532,029.27

Emergency Complaints: 742 Victims: 312 Dollar loss: $2,231,307.03

Service Complaints: 2,740 Victims: 1,090 Dollar loss: $1,795,240.65

Extortion Complaints: 7,425 Victims: 309 Dollar loss: $1,087,411.51

Inheritance Complaints: 631 Victims: 27 Dollar loss: $934,937.35

Timeshare Victims: 46 Complaints: 36 Dollar loss: $830,822.11

Nigeria (Scam Letters) Complaints: 98 Victims: 7 Dollar loss: $668,761.78

Other Complaints: 304 Victims: 49 Dollar loss: $557,323.40


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