FutureNet is a Scam – Warning!

I recently got this message from a knowledgeable and trusted source.


Currently, people are joining FutureNet in droves, including many experienced people from former opportunities on the net. Stephan Morgenstern is the guy behind FutureNet and his history is checkered to say the least, so the chance of the business being sustainable long-term is minimal to zero. This is not his first scam. He has been the CEO together with Thorsten Albers from Falkito at One-Line-Online.


You can read about that here:


Falkito was a failed MLM penny auction that launched in the shadow of Zeek Rewards, an $850 million Ponzi scheme.


Here is an old review: http://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/futurenet-review-1685-six-tier-matrix-cycler/


Now Stephan Morgenstern is working with a Polish team. These are the same group that were there at One-Line-Online and they even use the same office. They only changed the Company flags on the office building. They are trying to give life to the same thing again, but as FutureNet.
My recommendation is to keep well away from FutureNet.

FutureNet will eventually suffer an irreversible collapse.


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