When is a Freebie not a Freebie?

…when the Freebie is a SCAM of course

What an amazing website you have found. Just answer a few quick questions and you get a computer all for FREE!!

The problem is that you will have to enter your phone number, email address  and home address. Once you enter all of this, what it really means is that you have just signed away your privacy, and it will probably mean that you have opted in for a load of really dodgy advertising, that will increase in time when your details are sold on to even more scammers.


We already get tons of junk email, annoying and intrusive adverts and phone calls. The computer? It ain’t gonna happen is it?

If you really want to sign up/register, then use a service like Bug Me Not (at BugMeNot.com!) and do it anonymously.

The other way is to use a free email account, but whatever you do, you will NOT get that free computer.  (you knew that deep down already).

Good luck and stay safe!



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